My words in New York

I have some exciting news, my friends.

Deep in the heart of another Victorian lockdown (can’t remember which one, all a blur) I was contacted online by Margin Alexander who is an international composer, currently based in New York. He had come across one of my old poems via Instagram and it had inspired him to write a song, and he was wondering if he could use it for a concert in Manhattan. Now, I have to be honest, I was in the midst of homeschooling a 9 & 7 year old, caring for a 4 year old who couldn’t go to kinder, trying to do a PhD, finish my poetry manuscript, plan my post PhD career, run my holiday business through covid, renovate an early Victorian home and just generally survive, so I thought this must, surely, be a scam.

But it wasn’t, and I’m thrilled to announce that my poem has been turned into a beautiful piece of music which will debut this week in New York. My words will be read by an actor, and I’ll get the chance to watch online. Tickets are available here

They Are Us

Latest Poetry Project

In 2018 I was involved in an ekphrastic poetry project, a result of a partnership between Words out Loud and the Soldiers Hill Artists Collective.

Last year I was approached to be part of a new collaboration – this time to write a poem to the theme of ‘they are us’, and the artwork would be created in a response to our poems. I’ve never done an ekphrastic project this way (and I’ve done a few) so of course I was up for the challenge. I’ve submitted my poem, the artwork has been created and the project is about to launch. I’ve been paired with the talented Abigail Robertson, I have no clue what she will make of my words, but I can’t bloody wait, because everything I’ve seen of her’s is brilliant!

The exhibition runs from February 24 to April 5.

Please come along to the launch if you are in Ballarat:

The Lounge Gallery, Billy’s Bar, at the Mercure at 613 Main Rd, Ballarat, on Thursday February 27 at 6.30pm.

City of Ballarat’s deputy mayor, Cr Belinda Coates, opening the exhibition and Reuben Morgan, who composed a musical piece for Weathering the Future in 2018, has again written a bespoke theme piece and will perform it on the night.

Drink and nibbles supplied. No RSVP needed.

Spread the word, all welcome. There is a Facebook event for those who use facebook or just be like me and use a pen to write it in your paper diary. See you there, I’ll be the short red-head trying to lose her shit when I see the artwork!

Latest Project

My latest project is about to launch at the Backspace Gallery this weekend.

Jason Nahrung and Kirstyn McDermott are curating an amazing exhibition Weathering the Future.

In their words the project works with the Soldiers Hill Artist Collective, Central Highlands writers, and third-year communication design students from Federation University Australia’s Arts Academy.

The project is a dual ekphrastic process in which the artists of SHAC will respond to the theme of “Weathering the Future”, looking at the hurdles and innovations we face at the beginning of the Anthropocene. Writers at various stages of career will respond to those artworks in flash fiction and poetry. Those written works will be embodied in text art by the Arts Academy students. All will be presented at an exhibit at Ballarat’s Backspace Gallery, in Camp St, in December 2018.

My project can be viewed or listened to here.


Scrivener Advice

Are there any Scrivener users who read this blog? I’m after some advice.

I am up to draft 5 on my novel, making changes post manuscript assessment. I am wondering if it is too late to start using Scrivener? I need to work on characterisation, add extra scenes and get an overview of if the structure is working.

I’m keen to use Scrivener to draft my novel for my PhD which I will start soon, but thought I might also use it for the redrafting. My main concern is that I might take ages to import the novel, get to know the system etc, when my excel spreadsheet I currently use seems to work well enough…or does it? Will I be blown away by the functionality of Scrivener never to return to the dark side of excel again?

I’m interested in any opinions.

Thanks writers.

Twilight Talk – Tonight

Twilight Talk, Art Gallery of Ballarat.

I’ll be talking tonight – Wednesday June 17, at 5.00pm (for a 5.30 start) at the Ballarat Art Gallery Twilight Talks.

I will be discussing women cartographers of WWII who were based at Villa Fortuna mansion in Bendigo. This is the topic of my PhD thesis. This is part of a larger series of talks at the gallery as part of their Australians at War exhibition.

Everyone is welcome.

Gold coin entry. Wine and cheese will be served.