Getting back to blogging

I have to admit that this blog has taken a little bit of a back seat over the last few years. There are a few reasons. Firstly, I have bought two wonderful little humans into the world. One of them turned one last week, and one of them is turning 3 next week. So as you can imagine that has taken a fair chunk of my time.

The second reason is that I have been thoroughly focused on getting my novel to the point of manuscript assessment. Spending more time at home to raise children has made me be thoroughly structured in my approach to my novel. Previously I would write on my way to and from work on the train. Now I snatch time during naps and after baby bedtimes.

I’m hoping to dedicate some time back to the blog in the coming year.

Although, if you have read my updated bio you will know that I’ve just commenced a PhD. More on that in later posts.


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