Why I’m a bit smug this week

This is a big week for me.

On Saturday I was invited by the Art Gallery of Ballarat to be part of the ‘entertainment’ for their fantastic garden party. The garden party was part of the Capturing Flora exhibition and I was invited to read my poem inspired by the collection (more on that later). For pics and a review of the night see Amy Tsilemanis’s blog. Amy is the host of the Tinderbox radio program at Voice FM Ballarat.

Wednesday was a rehersal for the Artists Inspire Artistry recital and a quick trip in to visit Dave and Miles at Voice FM, Accessing the Arts program to discuss all things Ballarat Writers.

  Tonight I’ll be attending the launch of Eclectica, an anthology that I have 2 pieces published in. Then I’ll be dashing over to see Tor Roxborough at the Ballarat Writers reading night at the library. Eclectica is an anthology of work by University of Ballart students and Ballarat Writers members. I’ve seen the proofs and it looks great, it’s available in hardcopy or free e-book (although one of my pieces is missing from the e-book due to formatting difficulties).


Friday is the big Artists Inspire Artistry recital (then again Tuesday). It is collaboration between the Art Gallery of Ballarat, the University of Ballarat and Ballarat Writers. A selection of aspiring writers have developed a range of poetry and vignettes inspired by the Capturing Flora exhibition, this style of writing is known as ‘ekphrastic’ writing. Annette Chappell from the University of Ballarat has mentored the writers as they develop their written work in response to an artwork from the exhibition.

The writers interpretations of the botanic art has been fascinating. A booklet containing the images with the new writing has been produced and will be available for purchase at the Gallery. Tickets are available to the Artists inspire Artistry event on Friday November 9 and Tuesday November 13, which includes a free copy of the book and a roving recital of the poetry. For details and tickets visit http://www.capturingflora.com.au/programs-and-events.aspx

If you’re in Ballarat I’d love to see you there!


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