Writing Projects

It’s taken me a while to write about some of the writing projects I’ve been working on but I’ve had some great chances to get some of my work published recently.

Earlier this year I wrote a short story to the theme of  ‘The Book as a Material Artefact’ for the journal Ex Parenthasis. 

I was lucky enough to have my story Tashkent’s Koran published along side work by E A Gleeson, Amy Tsilemanis, Jade Standing and Nathan Curnow.


In the next few months I will have a poem and short story published in the PWE Anthology from the University of Ballarat. More on that as it happens.


I’ve also just found out that I’ve been selected to participate in a fantastic writing initiative between Ballarat Writers Inc and the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Here’s a little about it:

The event is called ‘Artists Inspire Artistry: Reflections on Botanical Art’, and it is part of the Art Gallery’s ‘Capturing Flora’ exhibition, which opens on 25 September. The event aims to celebrate the beauty and rich diversity of Australian flora and its expression by botanical artists from the early explorers to the present day. It will present a collection of new poems and written works recited by their authors in front of the artwork of their inspiration as part of a ‘roving’ recital around the exhibition. We are scheduled to give not one, but TWO recitals of the new works – on 9 and 13 November.

So my novel is being neglected a bit, but I’m enjoying the new inspiration!

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