Julia Gillard

Gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to politics, but the fact is it does.

When I wrote my women in politics blog four weeks ago I didn’t consider that very soon we would have a female Prime Minister. The statistics simply didn’t allow for that.

The coverage about Julia Gillard becoming PM, and what it means for women and feminism, is extensive so I won’t go into too much detail.

But I do want to note from the perspective of a woman in her twenties what this meant to me. When I was at University I pondered studying politics. I took a few topics but found nothing that could really sustain my interests. There was something about the middle-aged men in suits that really put me off. There were women in politics of course, making headlines for breast-feeding in the parliamentary chamber, but none with whom I really identified.

When Julia became PM I felt proud, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Here, at last, was someone with whom I identified.

And as for the no kids, un-married, atheist point of view – good on her.  As far as I am concerned being unmarried and with no children is a benefit if you have a job like that – no accusations of being a “lame gay churchy looser” Tony Abbot style.

So while I am still waiting for some policy to base my excitement on, as a red-headed, unmarried, childless, non-religious, feminist, who can’t stand Tony Abbott, I am stoked that after her long career Julia Gillard is PM.


  1. I thought you might idnetify 🙂

    Someone asked me “As an Atheist, do you feel compelled to vote for Julia?” and I had to say no. Just because she shares similar views about god, why should I give her my vote? It is irrelevant. Her beliefs on religon are much less important on her party’s policies.

    I guess that is the problem with atheists. We’ll never vote someone in because they have the same level of disbelief, we have to agree with their politics and policies first 😦



    1. Great point Matthew – we should be looking for a rational reason to vote for people rather than their religious views. I am eager to see how the asylum seeker debate pans out – I just hope it’s not too messy.



    2. Ciao la Melissa. Il vostro padre mi ha mostrato Website buono da vedereone una giovane donna e prime ie suci idee e pareni. Julia Ii ha indicato che una femmina di redhead puo realizzare l’allezza politica. anche se e piena di bullshit idealogical. non diverso di una ceita altra femmina di redhead so.



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